salcombe collage

Ours is a busy church with lots of activities that make up our congregational life and service to the wider community. Below are some of our regular groups which are always open to new members.

Salcombe Community Gospel Choir
Meets Thursday evenings from 730pm

Salcombe Church Choir
Rehearsals on every Friday from 530pm 

Icon Writing (Painting) Group
A yearly course is advertised when running

Meet for rehearsals on Friday from 730pm

Ecumenical Bible Study Group
Monthly on the third Thursday from 2pm

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Barnabas New Monastic Fellowship
Second and Fourth Thursdays of the month in afternoons
2pm in the Upper Room and 1pm at St Peter's House respectively.

Drop in coffee and cake on Fridays from 1pm to 3pm 
Suitable for parents and tods but ALL welcome.


Messy Church
Last Wednesdays of the month at 4pm

Thursday Church Cleaning Team
Two hour clean up starts at 915 on Thursdays with morning prayer.

 praying contemplation

Meetings as advertised in the magazine
Friends of Holy Trinity
Salcombe Flower Club

In addition, there are plenty of ways to volunteer. We are after all the biggest volunteering society in the town.

Public readers for services
Sidesmen and Sideswomen (Welcomers)
Leaders of intercessions prayer
Pastoral team visitors *
Altar serving 
Special ministers at the Eucharistic (chalice bearers)

Please do ask if you want any more information about joining or volunteering for any of these groups and activities.

*Diocesan and parish police hold that some of our activities where vulnerable adults or children are involved require interviewing, safeguarding training and police checks (DBS) before permission is granted.